MAD Youth Team

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MAD Comms

MAD Comms Leader
  • Manage all external and internal MAD communication
  • Maintain MAD member database
  • Maintain all communication platforms (email, websites, broadcast, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, App) and create content for these.
  • Set-up a communication strategy to enable timely submission and distribution of content on various platforms

MAD Evangelism

MAD Evangelism Leader
  • Organise in conjunction with the other departments evangelism initiatives both internally and externally
  • Build relationships with other ministries with regard to working together in spreading the word of God
  • Set-up and maintain vibrant Cell-groups in all possible areas
  • Utilise funds made available by Northern Conference for evangelistic efforts.

MAD Food

MAD Food Leader
  • Co-ordinate and supervise provision of Sabbath lunch each week at Sandton Church.
  • Ensure involvement of the wider youth group be it by contributions, food preparation or cleaning up each Sabbath.
  • Assist in organising catering for the different MAD initiatives that may require such services.
  • Organise cooking and baking get-togethers to facilitate skill upgrading and team work.

MAD Lifestyle

MAD Lifestyle Leader
  • Organise in conjunction with church health department on various activities
  • Organise various social and team building activities and ensure they are implemented.
  • Communicate with and support other churches regarding lifestyle events and social initiatives
  • Organise MAD Camp for the year in time and within reasonable budget
  • Coordinate with other departments to promote activities that encourage unity in MAD

MAD Finance

MAD Finance Leader
  • Track and record pledges, offerings and expenses in MAD as a whole.
  • Organise, in conjunction with other departments, fundraising campaigns.
  • Prepare monthly financial report
  • Work in conjunction with church finance department.

MAD Prayer

MAD Prayer Leader
  • Organise a prayer band that will attend to internal and external requests coming through the various communication platforms.
  • Promote prayer as a lifestyle among the entire group
  • Provide content for Prayer website (

MAD Welfare

MAD Welfare Leader
  • Organize support for children’s homes and anyone in need that we come into contact with. Special attention should be made to our own members who are often overlooked.
  • Support church welfare initiatives.
  • Organise and maintain a team from MAD members to ensure visitors are recognised and also provide ushering services in all our events.

MAD Worship

MAD Worship Leader
  • Strategize and come up with relevant and engaging programming for FNL and Sabbath afternoon
  • Provide people to work in conjunction with the church interest co-ordinator at the welcome gazebo